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{ Three }   Reasons:

We play it clear!

Nowadays because of the changes in the music industry most djs have changed to playing digital music and for most part that's a good thing. Because you don't want to have to worry about scratched CD skipping during your event.

However, [watch out] because most either play their music from their personal laptop or from an iPod; and that's something that you definitely don't want.

Why? Well to start, if that person is surfing the internet the day of your event or just checking their emails they could very easily catch a virus and oops their goes your music along with it. IPods on the other hand are common and that's because you can stick thousands of songs in them. The problem is for that to happen the music file itself has to be recorded or saved at a very low transfer rate of 32 to 64 KBPS. Which yes,  it lets you store a lot of songs and it sounds good in your ears with your head phones. But have you ever seen a small picture on the internet and then have had that very same picture expanded? What happens? It becomes distorted and ugly. Well the same goes for audio files.

When you hook up an iPod to a professional mega watt amplifier your music isn't going to be heard with the clarity that it needs to for your event. And that's something you don't want. Not to mention that both these items require a battery to be charged.

We however only use Professional Audio Turntables that are dedicated for the soul use of Dee Jaying.  Added, our music is stored at CD quality bite rates of 192 to 320 KBPS. Which that automatically will make our music even if its the same song - sound 100 times - better than another dj service. Plus, we never have to worry about showing up with a dead battery as all our systems require a dedicated power source. So don't get fooled.  There is a reason why were the best.

{ Two }  Stats:

You need to know...

We can mix and blend all types and styles of Christian Music and we can scratch'em up if you want too. So, when we say it's non-stop entertainment we mean it!

As we like to say

"The Proof is in the Mix"

So turn up the volume on your speakers and click on a style of music. Remember to listen to the entire [track/song] especially with the mixes so you can appreciate the different styles of blends.  This section includes Singles, Straight Up Mixes, and of course a DJs favorite... the Mash-Ups. They can stay within a same style of music or merge into another. Again... these are just a few examples. Once we are contracted you can then inform us of which music you like and which one you don't. And whether you want the music all in English, or all in Spanish, or both - the choice is yours to make. But rest assured all is 100% Christian Music.

  In English

  In Spanish

   Contemporary    Salsa
   Gospel    Reggaeton
   Holy Hip Hop    Merengue
   Praise & Worship    Contemporaneo
   Love    Romanticos
   Techno    Hip Hop Latino
   Jazz    Ranchera
   Reggae    Vallenato
   Crunk    Bachata

Now hear how we put these songs together:

  English Mixes   Spanish Mixes
   Mix - Contemporary     Mix - Tropical
   Mix - Urban Gospel    Mix - Cumbias



 { One }  Decision:

You'll have to make.

Yes that's right, the decision is yours and yours alone.  We pray this section of our website has given you some insight and has provided you with added information to help you make the right choice for your party.

So make up your mind now and don't let anybody change it.  Yes, put your foot down and demand our Christian DJ Service for your next event.

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