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Christian Wedding Receptions


Planning a wedding day is no easy task, especially when you have to cover all the details of both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.   So to begin you should know that Christian DJs . net is here to help.   So let's start!

First, if you do need a Christian DJ - you need to know that we can in fact do your wedding day event no matter where in the country your Wedding Day will take place.   So no matter if it's in  New York,  Orlando,  Chicago,  Newark,  Houston,  Los Angeles,  Miami or any other place in between;   if you want us, we'll be there - period!    Added, with our experience as wedding industry professionals you can count on us to do things right and furthermore...  to vastly exceed all your Christian entertainment expectations.

Don't believe us?   Well just check out some of our previous Brides & Grooms throughout our website.   They went through pretty much the same process as you.   Trying to answer the question:  Who or what should I have at my wedding reception for entertainment?   Of course, they chose wisely because they chose ChristianDJs.net and the results are clear.  Being that In choosing us "everyone" enjoyed the event as well.

In fact, the question mainly asked by most Brides & Grooms outside of how much does your services cost is:   Can you make our Wedding Reception fun & exciting so that our family & friends can enjoy themselves?  And the simple answer to that is a resounding "YES" !

Of course the questions don't stop there.   Many of you also have to ask and cover some other concerns as well, like:  Are they insured?   Are they responsible?  Are they real professionals?   Are they really worth my hard earn money? etc. 

The answer again to all of these is yes! And if your definitely serious about wanting a wedding reception to remember;  it especially applies to the last one.   Now from the time we are contracted to the day of your event we make sure that we get things right by way of consultations with both you and your spouse to be.   So that we know exactly how you want your Wedding Day and more specifically how you want your reception to unfold.

That said, during this process we share with you tips & ideas to help your event have a unique flow to it and we are able to do that because of our years of experience.

After your wedding has been planned and organized and the special day is now here;  we make sure to have our Christian DJ at your event venue EARLY prior to the start time and not after. That way you don't have to stress over that infamous question - Where's my DJ?

Once the wedding reception has taken off we then take charge to make sure that all your wants and likes come to pass;   just like you had them planned, allowing you now plenty of time to enjoy your own party along side both your family and friends.   Remember our Christian DJ (or as some like to say Disc Jockey) that will be doing your event will be courteous and respectful at all times and more importantly, they will provide for you and your guest a performance filled with excitement and laughter that will be cherished and remembered by all who attend. 

Of course, don't just take our word for it.   Like the saying goes, being that a picture is worth a thousand words;   then let the pictures of our previous clients throughout our website do the talking.   And if you pay close attention you'll see and hear over a million statements of joyful clients...  who will be telling you:

"Contract ChristianDJs.net and you'll be as happy as me!"

Now, if that's what you are hearing or at least seeing, make the call and contact us today and let ChristianDJs.net be your #1 Christian Entertainment provider.







Let's hear what one of the Groomsmen had to say at towards the end of a recent wedding reception - shall we...


          This time we have both the Bride & the Groom sharing their thoughts and feelings about their Wedding Reception.  Your going to have to raise your volume a bit;  because we still got a party going on in the back in the main reception room.


      First, in this clip.  You'll hear from the Groom (in Spanish) as he offers insight as to why we were chosen and in the end;  what was the result of their Wedding Day Reception Party.  Now although his conversation is in Spanish - the results should be very clear to you.  As it is safe to say that he gives his ChristianDJs.net Event DJ an emphatic referral.  Then you'll hear from his Bride (In English) who had lots of trouble & difficulty with the "Wind" that blew down her "outdoor altar"  ten minutes right before coming down the aisle.  As well as having issues      with the venue management, her florist, and others... so much so that she goes on to say: "That although everything turned out awful..."  We on the other hand; "Turn things out - in to a bright smile" and with a deep, heartfelt and emotional "Thank You" she takes the time to recognize that we did in fact, work very hard.  And you can hear the proof of that when she says: "That she still had the time of her life! AND THAT It was the funniest party!  Added...  she wishes to do it all over again.  Not to pick another venue, nor to have an indoor ceremony to avoid wind issues; but rather: "Just to have that session again" (and here she is referring to of course, to our interactive segment). So checkout the clip:




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