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Service Plans


Service Plans

Because of our years of experience, we have been able to design various packages that will fit the needs of most of our clients.

However we understand that not every event is the same.  So should you have a need that is not covered in the Service Plans shown below...  go ahead and give us a call anyway to see if we can provide specifically the things that you need to make your event a success.

In either case:  just like with your Reception Hall Banquet Venue or your Photographer  you need to reserve your event date with us as well.  So after checking the Service Plans please visit our "Contact Info" page and check to see if your event date is still available to receive a free in depth consultation regarding our services.



Party Service Plan Options

Gala  Concert Festival  

 Christian Music Mix
We will have the best Christian Music Mix you have ever heard, going on non-stop from start to finish.
 Public Announcer Support
Microphone System.

Your event DJ will be in proper attire according to your event
During your event
we have incentive prizes that are given to the winners of our interactive activities.

 Online Event Planner
Use our Online Event Planner to help you organize the different phases of your special party from general notes to by the minute happenings for participants, specify order of events, locations, and even the special requested music you want heard at your event.
 Music Programming
Preprogrammed Sequenced / Mixed songs.

 Master of Ceremonies
As the Emcee, our DJs take charge of the event. We keep things moving and on time, as well as making all general announcements, special presentations, & motivating your crowd.
 Maximum Number of Guest 100 250 400  

 Hours of Service
3 Hours 4 Hours 5 Hours  
 Event Consultations
10 20 Unlimited  
 Interactive Games & Activities
The DJ will also perform as a Interactive Game host. So, instead of or in combination with dancing at your event, we can lead your guest to a fun filled time that they won’t soon forget by having them participate in SAFE high energy as well as passive games that are fun for all ages.
up to 30 minutes up to 1 hour up to 2 hours  
 Professional Sound System
Sound Amplifier
Digital Media Players
DJ Mixer
EQ / Special Effects Processor
2  Main Speakers Cabinets

400 watts of power

2 Main Speakers Cabinets

600 watts of power

Jericho Sound Package

4 Main Speakers Cabinets

2000 watts of power

 Fog / Smoke Machine N/A  
 Light Show System
Programmable Multicolored Par Cans
Special Effect Strobes
Programmable Advanced DMX Units  Scented Fog Machine / Controller / Dimmer Packs / Stands / Truss.




  Please Note:  There is never any charge from us for SETTING UP or BREAKING DOWN Hours. Dates & times are reserved on a first come first serve basis and service availability as well as service plan inclusions may be limited and or differ in certain areas of the country; added not all options are available in all cities. Also, for any and all events that will last longer than 6 hours or that will have more than 500 guest expected in attendance; please contact us directly;  


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